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Generating 545 Interested Leads and 199 Booked Calls for a Consumer Goods Tech Company.


Our client, engaged in developing technology for the consumer goods industry, sought our expertise to boost conversion rates and penetrate new markets. Despite an effectively designed marketing campaign and solid technical foundation, their autonomous efforts to promote outbound outreach yielded no meaningful results. With no interested responses from their campaign, a novel approach was required. Further complexity was added as the campaign was designed for Latin America, necessitating the use of Spanish language content to engage the target demographic effectively.

Project Information

  • Total Meetings: 199
  • Personalized Campaign Sequences: -
  • Total Interested Replies Generated: 545
  • Category: SAAS, Ecommerce
  • Industries: Consumer Goods, Software Solutions, Automation
  • Duration: N/A

Generating 545 Interested Leads and 199 Booked Calls for a Consumer Goods Tech Company


In addressing the challenges, we prioritized certain industries as per our client's requirements. The importance of language was recognized in this context, especially considering the B2B nature of the campaign where relationship-building is paramount. We developed clear, concise, and direct emails using conversational Spanish, avoiding the unnecessary verbosity often associated with formal language patterns. Once we had researched the target audience and developed the message scripts, we initiated the outreach, starting with one Linkedin profile and gradually expanding the outreach.


Throughout the campaign, we found that it was necessary to adjust certain variables. We also discovered that taking calculated risks, such as switching to Spanish content, could yield impressive results. This affirmed that each client and their prospects are unique, necessitating individualized approaches.


  • check In contrast to the company's initial outreach attempts which resulted in zero interested responses, our strategic adjustments produced significant results. With the switch to Spanish language content, we generated 545 interested leads, 284 "Maybe later" responses, and booked 199 calls.
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