Localisation Services

Localization Services Company


Creating campaigns in five different languages to cater to the target audience.

Reaching the right medical facilities in the EU and ensuring valid email addresses.

Customizing messages to resonate with different seniority levels.

Project Information

  • Total Meetings: 132
  • Personalized Campaign Sequences: -
  • Total Interested Replies Generated: -
  • Category: Services
  • Industries: Localization Solutions
  • Duration: 6 Month

Localization Services Company


Selecting a client audience and establishing campaign expectations.

Creating custom message scripts and follow-ups based on the 4-step messaging strategy.

Ensuring a smooth verification process for active email addresses and experience with localization and content management.

Targeting C-level prospects and middle-level professionals to maximize reach and influence in the decision-making process.


The lead generation campaign for the localization services company successfully targeted senior product managers, content and localization specialists, and marketing specialists, resulting in a high level of interest and engagement.

With a 97% deliverability rate and a 61.4% open rate, the campaign effectively captured the attention of the target audience. The concise messaging approach played a key role in driving positive responses, highlighting the importance of conveying value proposition and benefits succinctly.

The campaign's success in generating 132 interested responses and 82 "maybe later" responses demonstrates significant potential for the growth of the sales team, with 214 prospects added to the client's network.


  • check The campaign achieved a 97% delivery rate and a 61.4% open rate. It generated 132 interested responses and 82 "maybe later" responses, totaling 347 responses in six months.
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