Logistics/Transportation Management

Logistics SaaS Company


Finding decision-makers interested in the client's transportation management software.

Generating meetings and scheduling calls on behalf of the client's sales team.

Customizing message scripts to effectively engage the target audience.

Project Information

  • Total Meetings: 68
  • Personalized Campaign Sequences: 5000 prospects+
  • Total Interested Replies Generated: 119
  • Category: SAAS, Logistics
  • Industries: Transportation Management Software
  • Duration: -

Logistics SaaS Company


Identifying the client's audience, focusing on top and mid-executives in logistics and supply chain roles.

Setting campaign expectations and designing a 4-step messaging strategy.

Creating custom message scripts that include positive compliments, information about the client's solution, benefits of the product, and an invitation to see a demo.

Encouraging including multiple levels of seniority for better peer-to-peer communication.


The lead generation campaign for the logistics SaaS company successfully targeted top and mid-executives in logistics and supply chain roles, resulting in a high level of interest and engagement.

With an impressive open rate of 53.8% (surpassing the industry average of 23.4%) and a response rate of 13.7%, the campaign effectively captured the attention and motivated prospects to take action. The significant number of interested replies (119) and booked demo calls (68) showcased the campaign's success in generating meaningful engagements and potential customers.

The campaign's ability to attract notable prospects, including well-known companies like Nixon, 3M, and John Manville, further demonstrated its effectiveness in reaching high-profile prospects.


The campaign exceeded the client's expectations with impressive metrics:

  • check Open rate: 53.8% (industry average: 23.4%)
  • checkResponse rate: 13.7%
  • check119 interested replies and 171 "Maybe later" replies
  • check68 booked demo calls, showcasing strong interest and engagement from prospects
  • checkNotable interested replies included companies such as Nixon, 3M, and John Manville
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